Instant Chess

  • Instant Chess

    Although apps may come and go, chess will always have its faithful fans. Not only is it an elegant game, its difficulty is also dynamic. A match can be as easy or as hard as you want, depending on the skill level of your opponent. There are no cheat codes here and one certainly cannot pay to win. Being a master of the game entails a lot of hard work. Memorizing all the plays won't do if you're not good at move analysis. Players can turn the tide of a match with a single, masterful move or lose their streak of checks and captures with a mistake. That being said, Instant Chess emulates the unpredictability of a roadside chess game by pitting you against random opponents. There are no safety nets in this title, there's only pure chess fun. More


    With so many gadgets out in the market, we now have the luxury of choosing from a myriad of strategy games in many different platforms. Some are turn-based, others are real-time and there are those which fit in well with busy professionals who only get five-minute breaks during the course of a day. Unfortunately, no matter how clever a game is designed, it's appeal is likely to be temporary. After all, next year brings so much promise for those who are eager for the next best thing More..

  • Chess Pro - With coach

    Chess Pro - With coach

    Although no strategy game can match up to chess in terms of popularity, very few people can really say that they know the ins and outs of the sport like the back of their hand. Not only are there a near infinite number of plays to study, there's also instinct and familiarity to consider if you want a win. After all, it doesn't matter which tactics you've read about if you won't be able to apply them during an actual match. More.