Find All the Pieces in Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two Knights

From the Morocco to the Swiss Alps

The story begins with the discovery of "The Two Kingdoms Chess Board", an ancient game set which is missing all of its pieces. You are tasked to find these, with the promise of being paid your usual fee. To kick off your grand adventure, the British Museum of Artifacts informs you that the word "Memories" is written on the board. The plot thickens as you go from one location to the next, collecting the board's pieces and putting your observation skills to the test.

Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights

What's great about most hidden object games is that they usually follow a certain format. This is certainly true with Riddle of the Two Knights. For the most part of the game, you are brought to a static location and given a list of things to locate on that scene. These things may be as straightforward as, say, a Seashell or it may be a tricky clue such as "Comes in a Bunch". Sometimes, a number is placed before the name of the object. This is meant to indicate how many duplicates you will need to find of the same item. Additionally, you can be asked to perform tasks such as capping a lipstick or packing a sock inside a trunk.

Hide and Seek

In terms of its challenge level, we found Riddle of the Two Knights to be up to par with the best of them. It's not that it has the most difficult levels, it's because the items are well hidden and are very satisfying to find. Long time fans of the genre will enjoy the relaxing pace, taking their time and crossing out objects one after the other. New fans may get stuck a few times but never fear -- no stage is so impossible to beat that it gets frustration.

Do a good job and you get to proceed to the next level. Do an even better job and you might just find the crowns scattered around each scene. If you collect enough of these (2 per scene, 50 in total), then you will get access to a couple of bonus modes to enjoy. There are bonuses and penalties given depending on how you've tackled each stage. They're nothing complicated. Going for hints and skipping puzzles deducts points while finishing a puzzle quickly and on your own adds to your score.

Feeling a bit winded? Having a bad case of eye strain? Riddle of Two Knights has just the thing for that. Aside from the core game, there are also eight types of mini games you can play to slow things down. So whenever you're feeling overwhelmed, you can opt to go for a quick round of Simon Says or Spot the Difference before giving things another go. If that doesn't work, you can always go for the Relaxed version of the stage to remove the timer completely.

Amazing Adventures Riddle of the Two Knights

Bright-eyed and Beautiful

With muted hues and an earthy palette, Riddle of Two Knights definitely looks classy. The details pop so even small objects can be identified -- perfect for a title in the genre. On the other hand, there are a few scenes which are a tad too dark. This made it so it paid off to just click randomly. There are hints, but we would have wanted to have these be a last resort instead of a given in some cases.

If you've played and loved any of the games in the Amazing Adventures series, then you'll love Riddle of the Two Knights. With a wealth of items to find, additional game modes and a variety of mini games to break the lull, there's plenty of content to sink your teeth into. The scenes are also beautiful and the challenge is nice and balanced.