Chess Computer Board: Play Chess Against the 10 Time World Champion!

computer chess board

If your a chess player at club level standard and want to practice playing beyond the hours of your local club and friends then the Chess Computer Board equipped with Chess Genius created by Richard Lang is the board for you. While many boards claim to offer a computer opponent fit to match the seasoned pro, really they only ever live up to a standard of 100 ECF /1400 Elo.

What makes the Chess Genius computer board stand head and shoulders above others is it's capability of playing at a level of 175 ECF /2000 Elo. This chess board will help you go beyond the skill level of those seeking a cheaper practice partner void of the intelligence to take their game to a serious level.

The board works simply by pressing down on the piece you want to move and then pressing down with that piece on the square you wish to move it to. This board features a large backlit display powered by 3 x AA batteries.

It's not really a board suitable for beginners, rather it's designed for more experience players.

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