Edinburgh Chess Clubs

It’s difficult to think of many things better than being able to enjoy the wonderful game of chess whilst being situated in the wonderful city of Edinburgh. With that in mind we’d like to thank https://www.edinburghcity.org.uk/ for providing us with this profile list of clubs in the area.

Edinburgh Chess Club

Edinburgh Chess Club marries these two fantastic facets of life. This is a club for those serious about their chess, having been established in 1822 and being one of the more senior chess clubs you’re likely to encounter not only in Edinburgh, but also Scotland in general.

This isn’t an amateur club that meets on occasion in the local pub, either. Edinburgh Chess Club conduct their matches within their wonderfully arranged clubroom facilities, offering multiple tables situated symmetrically within a classic chess-room environment, which is ideal for anyone looking for a more official-feeling and professional chess environment.

This club offers local players the opportunity to use its facilities, but also welcomes coaching to more junior players. If you feel you are of the correct calibre, there is also the opportunity to join the Tiger Cubs junior chess team, which plays in the Edinburgh league.

This club is located at 1, Alva Street, Edinburgh, a wonderfully central location that should be accessible to virtually all that live in the city. Casual players would do well to pop along on a Tuesday, though because the club own the rooms, member use is usually Monday-Saturday evenings, 19:30-23:00. Visit: http://www.edinburghchessclub.co.uk/

Wandering Dragons Chess Club

The Wandering Dragons Chess Club may not have the facilities of Edinburgh Chess Club, however its roster of players and its friendly atmosphere make it a worthwhile venture for amateurs and intermediate players alike.

You can find this chess club meeting at the Pilrig Bowling Club on a weekly basis, with meetings taking place every Tuesday. This club enters teams into a multitude of tournaments, including the Edinburgh League and SNCL as well as the Spens Cup and a variety of tournaments that run internally. Therefore, this is an ideal chess club for anyone looking to compete at both a local and national level.

The website is updated with reasonable regularity, the news section spinning tales of the latest happenings with the club (whether this be victory or defeat!). You can check out the full list of members on the players section of the website, which also includes their SCA and FIDE rating as well as their federation and teams.

The ‘Games’ section of the website is also a nice touch, allowing you replay and relive a variety of games by taking on the board in a wide selection of games that have actually taken place in the club’s history. Visit: https://wanderingdragonschess.club/

Chess Life Club

If you want to be all about “living that chess life”, the Chess Life Club offers something a little different and arguably superior to most clubs, which tend to take the approach of weekly meetings at *insert local pub or club here*. Chess Life offers up a comprehensive program for prospective members to undertake, with view to entering the world of chess and immersing themselves in the subsequent benefits – central and peripheral – that regularly engaging in such a mentally taxing game can impart upon a person.

The professionally-designed website offers up the opportunity to enter into a full chess program where you will be taught the game, as well as engage in regular matches and even abide by a wider philosophical model that seems to be on offer, one of chess-as-therapy and the game of chess being a central pillar of wellbeing for those that discover its benefits. They offer social evenings, intensive chess camps, whole courses, and chess session, making this chess club one of the most complete that you will find in the Edinburgh area.

Visit: https://www.chesslife.co.uk/