In the Hitman GO Game, Brains are Just as Important as Brawn

Make Every Turn Count a Game of Strategy Following Chess Like Patterns

The locations in Hitman GO are rendered as virtual dioramas, with the Agent 47 acting as the player token. Being a puzzle game with a chess like feel in it's unfolding scenarios, his movement is limited and measured in terms of spaces on the grid. That doesn't mean, however, that the level designs are boring. There are plenty of off-limit locations to infiltrate as well as secret passages you can use to get a jump on the baddies.

Hitman Go

Do you hate handholding? Can't wait to just dive into the action? In that case, you'll love Hitman GO's tutorial-free approach. Actually, it doesn't matter if you're a veteran of the genre or not. Hitman GO starts out slow, with the first few missions only requiring you to move unseen from point A to point B. Once you've gotten that hang of that, limited turns are introduced to keep you on your toes. As you progress, you'll also be asked to fulfill multiple mission objectives, be encouraged to replay stages to get different outcomes and more.

Moves Like Clockwork

Of course, no Hitman game is complete without a generous sprinkling of baddies to contend with. In Hitman GO, guards exhibit set movement patterns which you will need to take note of in order to get to the finish tile unseen. At the start of the game, most of them will remain stationary, requiring little timing to avoid. On later stages, they will walk around and be trickier to avoid while patrolling. Instead of skirting around them however, you do have the option of knocking them out. There are two ways of going about this. You can either sneak up on them from behind or you can attack them from the side. On the other hand, ending up in front of an enemy will result in a failure. You can use objects to distract them in a pinch. Tennis balls, for instance, can be thrown at a limited distance to get a guard moving in a different direction.

Hitman Go

A Good mental Workout

Successfully finishing a scenario will earn you cards. These are given as rewards for accomplishing requirements such as finishing the stage within a certain number of turns, retrieving items and getting out without killing anyone. Sounds good right? It is, so long as you remember that not every minute of your experience will be thrilling. As enemy movements are tied to yours, there will be times when you'll be going back and forth from space to space while waiting for a guard to steer clear of your path. Without an undo button, this step is definitely much more tedious than it has to be. If you're the impatient sort and you're out of ideas on how to meet a requirement, there are hints you can purchase with some real money.

So is Hit Man Go - the right puzzle game for you? Well, that depends on how patient you are. Not every minute of this puzzle title is action-packed. If, on the other hand, you don't mind seeing the more mundane parts through, then it boils down to your mental stamina. Unlocking more scenarios to play entails collecting specific amounts of cards -- earned by fulfilling tricky requirements. That is unless you're fine with hanging up your thinking cap halfway through.